Mille Miglia eligible
Siata Fiat 1100/103

Mille Miglia eligible Siata

This ultra rare Mille Miglia eligible Siata was made in 1956 in the Siata workshop, designed for Fiat. Only nine cars were made and they were all different. The car has had only one owner and was found after 60 years in Sardinie. It is completely restored to the highest standard and the car has won in its Class at the famous Zoute Concours Elegance 2017.

It was in the Mille Miglia 2017,  2018 and 2019 and it will be in the Mille Miglia 2020. You will never discover a more beautyful one. The third light in front is especially designed for the fog in the Apenines. The engine is a 1100 cc made by Fiat. This car makes a lot of fun to drive. It is fast, flexible and it never had any problem. Every original detail is still there: even the keyholder and the spare parts are there. A truely unique car!

Fiat Siata 1100/103 dashboard, Mille Miglia eligible car

Specifications Mille Miglia eligible Siata