Lost marques: Alpine

Lost Marques: Alpine After World War 2 France suffered more than most from a depressed economy, and with a car taxation system which penalised cars with engines over 2.8 liters the great French quality marques like Delage, Delahaye, Bugatti, Hispano-Suiza and Hotchkiss either failed to survive the war or lasted for only a short while … Read more

Lost marques: Siata – The Fiat Tuning House

Lost marques: The Fiat tuning house THE Societa Italiana Auto-Trasforrnazioni-Accessori was founded in 1926, manufacturing go-faster equipment for popular Italian cars in its works in Turin. There was always a close link with Fiat, and the new Fiat Tipo 508S Ballila Spyder Sports which ran in the 1933 Mille Miglia had Siata ohv cylinder heads … Read more

Itala the lost marque

Itala the lost marque THE ITALA COMPANY was founded in the summer of 1903 by Matteo Ceirano, a member of a family famous in the history of Italian industry. In November of the same year he left the family firm, Filli Ceirano, and set up Matteo Ceirano & Company in Via Guastalla, Turin, with his … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Classic, Antique, and Vintage Cars?

What’s the Difference Between Classic, Antique, and Vintage Cars? There are many factors that contribute to how a car is defined. Age, rarity, and condition are all important aspects to consider when appraising a vehicle. But what exactly determines how these terms ‘classic’, ‘antique’, and ‘vintage’ cars, and who decides which car fits into which … Read more

Mille Miglia 2023

Mille Miglia 2023 Mille Miglia 2023, Mille Miglia 2023 history repeats itself, after been to the United States for many years our Itala Tipo 61 roadster is back to where it all began Italy. Watch the videos and experience for yourself what is meant by: ” The most beautiful race in the World” At the … Read more

A short history of the Mille Miglia, Italy’s most famous car race

A short history of the Mille Miglia, Italy’s most famous car race Founded in 1927 by a group of Italian noblemen, the iconic endurance race has shifted gears — and is today a celebrated classic car rally Imagine, for a moment, that you’re a young Italian nobleman living through the roaring 1920s. Shouldn’t be too … Read more

Identifying Future Classic Cars

Identifying Future Classic Cars Eighties and nineties babies are grown up, have a bit of disposable income burning a hole in their pockets, and have a new perspective on things. That nineties supercar you had on your bedroom wall? Guess what, there are a few still knocking around, and one day you could be a … Read more

Is the BMW i8 a Future Classic?

Is the BMW i8 a Future Classic? The BMW i8 is a futuristic car that has been turning heads since it was first released. Some people believe that it will become a classic car in the future, while others aren’t so sure. In this article, we will take a closer look at the BMW i8 … Read more