Incredible, that is our latest discovery. In France we found this very early and original Alpine A 106 Mille Miles. Being produced in 1955 this is one of the first Alpines ever made. Even more special is the fact that this little gem once was owned by Jean Rédélé, founder of Alpine. We have discovered some pictures with this (!!!) car in his garage at Rue Forest with the Eifel tower at the back.
This chassisnumber shows a number which is “Renault Modifiee” and the interrior is complete original. We have to restore the engine and this little brave car will perform as in the early days with Jean Rédélé as the driver. In 1955 Jean Redele was doing experiments for the Mille Miglia and he did the same with this car. This Alpine was hidden for more than 22 years!

Article about Jean Rédélé in the Auto Retro Magazine

Specifications Mille Miglia eligible Alpine

Brand: Alpine Renault

Type: A106 Mille Miles

Year of production: 1955

Matching numbers: yes

Mille miglia eligibility: yes

2nd Concours d’ Elegance paleis Soestdijk:click on the link to read the article