A very rare "boite claude"

During the restoration of our Alpine A106 Mille Miles, the car that once was owned by Jean Redele, we found out that it has the very rare “Boite Claude”. This means it has the 5-speed gearbox. That gearbox seems mythical, and is very very rare. This option with the 5-gearbox doubled the price in that time of the car! Some of the cars that drove the Mille Miglia had such a gearbox, but we have never seen one in real life, until now. We were in shock! What else will become more clear from our special Alpine A106 Mille Miles? We have discovered much more details, but that is for the next article….
Most Alpine 106 cars were equiped with the 3-speed gearbox, but now we can show you all the almost mythical Boite Claude 5 vitesses.